JASON PLANITZER is a Brooklyn-based comic and writer who started kicking around in 2015, long after anybody probably wanted him to.  He was so funny at home that his wife suggested he try the open mic circuit, so he did.  Jason later realized that she only encouraged him to go to open mics so he’d stop annoying her.  Since then, Jason has performed semi-infrequently in venues and bars from Manhattan Island to Queens.  One time he also did an impromptu show at a Cumberland, MD Rest Stop, which at least five people half-attentively watched!  He hosts A Touch of Class Comedy Hour in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and a comedy nostalgia show called Throwback Thursday at The Peoples Improv Theater.  He's also the executive producer of the standup web series "Comedy Tram NYC".  Jason has never broken a bone or been stung by a bee, but he chipped a tooth one time in his late-20's while roughhousing in a Taco Bell.  Not in his teens.  His late-20's.  Like a Grade A jackass.